Premium Ice Cream Rolls

  • Swiss Chocolate (Vanilla Base, Swiss Chocolate Topped with
    Chocolate Bu7ons, Vanilla Wafer Biscuit & Chocolate Syrup)
  • Chocolate Overload (Chocolate Base, Milk Chocolate Topped with
    Chocolate Bu7ons, Chocolate SBck & Chocolate Syrup)
  • Strawberry Nutella (Vanilla Base, Strawberries, Nutella Topped
    with Strawberries & Nutella)
  • Nutella Banana Delight (Vanilla Base, Banana, Nutella Topped with
    Nutella & Chocolate Chip Cookie)
  • Mango Magic (Vanilla Base, Mangoes Topped with
    Mangoes & Syrup)
  • Pinacolada (Vanilla Base, Pineapples, Coconut Topped with
    Pineapples, Coconut & Syrup)
  • Strawberry Blast (Vanilla Base, Strawberries Topped with
    Strawberries & Syrup)
  • Oreo Origin (Vanilla Base, Oreo Topped with Oreos &
    Chocolate Syrup)
  • Crunchy KitKat (Vanilla Base, KitKat Topped with KitKat &
    Chocolate Syrup)
  • Rainbow M&M (Vanilla Base, M&M’s topped with M&M’s &
    Chocolate Syrup)
  • Saffron Almond (Vanilla Base, Saffron, Almond Topped with
    Almonds & Syrup)
  • Parkside Pistachio (Vanilla Base, Pistachio Topped with
    Pistachios & Syrup)

Flame Special Ice Cream Rolls

  • Rasmalai (Vanilla Base, Rasmalai Topped with Rasmalai &
  • Crispy Ferrero Rocher (Chocolate Base, Ferrero Rocher
    Topped with Ferrero Rocher, Hazelnut Wafer Biscuit &
    Chocolate Syrup)
  • Gulab Jamun (Vanilla Base, Gulab Jamun Topped with Gulab
    Jamun & Nuts)
  • Mawa Kulfi (Vanilla Base, Kulfi Base Topped with Nuts)
  • Rajbhog (Vanilla Base, Saffron, Nuts Topped with Nuts)
  • Cashew & Figs (Vanilla Base, Cashew, Figs Topped
    with Cashews)
  • Paan Dilbahar (Vanilla Base, Paan Mix, TuV FruV Topped
    with TuV FruV & Coconut)
  • Cashew Rosepetal Jam (Vanilla Base, Cashew, Rosepetal
    Jam Topped with Cashews & Rosepetal Jam)
  • Chocolate Walnut Brownie (Vanilla Base, Walnut
    Brownie Topped with Walnut Brownie & Chocolate
  • Rose Pistachio (Vanilla Base, Rose Pistachio Topped with
    Pistachio & Syrup)
  • Coffee Oreo (Vanilla Base, Coffee Topped with Oreo’s)
  • Wild Blueberry (Vanilla Base, Blueberries Topped with
    Blueberries & Syrup)
  • Black Forest (Vanilla Base, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry Topped
    with Cherries & Chocolate Curls)
  • TuV FruV (Vanilla Base, TuV FruV Topped with
    TuV FruV)


  • Anjeer Shake: – crush Anjeer and cashew, vanilla ice cream,
    milk and flavouring
  • Brownie Shake: – Walnut Brownie, Vanilla ice cream, Milk,
    Chocolate flavouring, milk chocolate
  • Rose Shake:- Rosepetal Jam and crush cashew , vanilla ice
    cream, flavouring, Milk
  • Kesar Elaichi:- Crushed Almond, Vanilla Ice cream, Flavouring,
  • Mawa Badam Shake:- Almond, Vanilla ice cream, Flavouring,
  • ButterScotch:- ButterScotch Mix, Vanilla Ice cream, Flavouring,
    Milk, crushed Cashew
  • Pista Shake:- Pista Crushed, Vanilla Ice cream, Flavouring, Milk
  • Cold Coco:- Coco base mix, Vanilla Ice cream, Chocolate
  • Cold Coffee:- Cold Coffee mix, Vanilla ice cream, sugar, milk
  • Oreo Shake: – Oreo, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate flavouring,
  • Paan Shake: – Paan mix, Vanilla Ice cream, Mix Jelly,
    Flavouring, Milk
  • Ferrero Rocher: – Ferrero Rocher, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate
    Flavouring, Milk


  • Rose: – Rose Flavouring, Chia Seed, Vermicelli Noodles,
    Rabadi and milk, crush dry fruits
  • Mawa Badam: – Mawa Badam Flavouring, Chia Seed,
    Vermicelli Noodles, Rabadi and milk, crush dry fruits
  • Kesar Elaichi: – Kesar Elaichi Flavouring, Chia Seed, Vermicelli
    Noodles, Rabadi and milk, crush dry fruits
  • Pistachio: – Pistachio Flavouring, Chia Seed, Vermicelli
    Noodles, Rabadi and milk, crush dry fruits
  • Rabdi: – Rabdi Flavouring, Chia Seed, Vermicelli Noodles,
    Rabadi and milk, crush dry fruits


  • Paan: – betel leaf, Rosepetal jam, dry dates, Coconut,
  • Chocolate Paan: – betel leaf, Rosepetal jam, dry dates, coconut


  • Jamun Shot:- Jamun, sugar, salt
  • Lemon ginger shot:- lemon and ginger juice


  • Gulab jamun with Rabadi: – Cold Rabadi with hot Gulab jamun
    top with slice dry fruits
  • Flame Special Rabadi :- Liquid Rabadi with slice Dryfruits
  • Choco Ono: – Hot walnut chocolate brownie with vanilla ice
  • Vanilla Scoop:- Kids size Vanilla ice cream Scoop

Waffle w Ice Cream Rolls

  • Oreo Hazelnut Crumble: Eggless Waffle, Oreo, and Oreo Ice
    cream Roll
  • Nutella Dream: Eggless Waffle, banana, Nutella, Nutella
    banana ice cream Roll
  • Butterscotch Escape: Eggless Waffle, Butterscotch crumble,
    with butterscotch ice cream rol

Tummy Fillers

  • Regular Fries: – Fries with Spice mix
  • Chili Masala Fries: – Fries, Onion, green pepper, spice mix
    Spicy veggie mayo, green onion
  • Vada Pav ( grilled patty) : veggie bun, potato patty, and dry spic
  • Cheesy Mint sandwich: Veggie bread, mint chutney and
    cheese, butter
  • Peri Peri Sandwich: veggie bread, butter, mint chutney, peri peri
    mix, cabbage, onion, pepper, corn, cheese, mayo
  • Poutine: fries, veggie gravy, cheese curd, jalapeno
  • Steamed Momos:- veggie and panner momos
  • Fried Momos: veggie and panner momo
  • Chili Momos :- fried panner momos, onion, green pepper, spice
    mix, green onion

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